About Us

The Houston Jewish Community Foundation was established in 1985 and has helped individuals and families alike achieve their philanthropic dreams by enabling them to ensure that the community’s needs are met – now, and for generations to come – in lasting and meaningful ways. Now, over thirty years later, HJCF manages more than $250 million in assets and has matured into a true community foundation, administering funds donated by individuals and organizations for the benefit of the Greater Houston community, both locally and nationally.

The funds are professionally managed by Fiducient Advisors to ensure that donors receive the greatest benefit from their charitable contributions. The Investment Committee of HJCF oversees prudent management of the funds.

HJCF has a long-term approach to charitable giving which facilitates the charitable intentions of donors during and beyond their lifetimes. By working with professional advisors, HJCF is able to develop innovative philanthropic strategies with optimal tax benefits that help donors create their own personal legacy.

HJCF is structured to advise on and receive gifts of cash, stock, bonds, life insurance, real estate, and other property, and facilitates the creation and administration of Donor Advised Funds, supporting organizations, endowments, and trusts. HJCF is able to offer donors an outlet for community involvement while providing them with significant tax savings and freeing them from record keeping and reporting responsibilities.

The Houston Jewish Community Foundation benefits from the experience and dedication of local community members. Lawyers, accountants, bankers, estate planners, financial planners, investment advisors, tax counselors, trust officers, life insurance experts and other professionals provide expert counsel through our Professional Advisory Steering Committee and various other committees.

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