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Integrating Philanthropy into Your Advising

Clients today want to do more with their money by integrating their personal values into their giving and investment decisions. This presentation will focus on how to incorporate philanthropy into your advising, ensuring your clients’ values are reflected in their financial, estate, and charitable planning.

Financial Wellness for Women

Experts estimate that by 2030, women will control as much as $30 trillion (2/3 of the nation’s wealth). Our presentation will focus on best practices for working with female clients especially through various life journeys.

Letters from the Heart: An Ethical Will Seminar

Join us as we discuss and help provide a framework to leave behind what you value— material or moral—to the people that matter. Through this seminar, we will talk about how to start conversations with your family, to write an ethical will and to compose a legacy letter.

Our Latest Video Events

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Jewish Future Pledge - 6/14/2021

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HJCF Lunch & Learn - Give Smarter - 8/27/2021

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HJCF Lunch & Learn - 3/8/2021

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HJCF Legacy Celebration - 1/12/2021

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HJCF Lunch & learn - Welcome to Business Cybersecurity

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HJCF Lunch & learn - Welcome to Business Cybersecurity


General Questions

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Donor Advised Funds

You can support an extremely wide range of Jewish and non-Jewish charitable organizations. Organizations must have 501(c)(3) charitable status from the IRS. Grants may be made for synagogue dues. Distributions may not be made to charitable organizations when goods or services of any kind (e.g., gala tickets) are received in exchange for that grant.

HJCF makes grants weekly. Grant recommendations received by staff before 5:00 p.m. on Monday will be processed and mailed to the charity that week. You can make requests via our donor portal, email, text, phone, or mail. Once HJCF has reviewed and approved the grant, a check with a customized cover letter will be sent to the charity, referencing your fund name and the reason for the donation, if applicable. Grants can also be made anonymously.

You receive a quarterly fund statement showing all activity within the fund, including a list of all donor gifts to the fund and grants made.

There is no such requirement, in contrast to private foundations, which are required to allocate 5% annually. 

HJCF’s Donor Advised Funds are invested in four diversified portfolios and managed by outside investment manager Fiducient Advisors, with oversight by HJCF’s Investment Committee.

To make Donor-Advised Funds as accessible to the public as possible, the minimum gift required to establish a fund at HJCF is just $2,500.

An administrative fee of 1% per annum is assessed on the first $500,000 in assets in a Donor Advised Fund.  A reduced administrative fee is charged on assets above $500,000. A minimum administrative fee of $200 per year applies to most funds.

You may designate others to be advisors or successor advisors of your fund, making it a wonderful way to involve children and grandchildren in family philanthropy. In addition, anyone may contribute to a Donor Advised Fund.  Many fundholders have requested that, in lieu of gifts, contributions be made to their Donor-Advised Fund in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Acknowledgements are sent for all gifts made to the Donor Advised Fund. Another opportunity is to create a Donor Advised Fund for individual children or grandchildren so they can make their own grants.

The disposition of a Donor Advised Fund upon the death or incapacity of a fundholder depends upon the recommendations received by HJCF from the fundholder.  A fundholder can recommend that the balance be divided among a variety of charities, or that successor advisors (such as children or grandchildren) inherit the privilege of making recommendations.  If no charities have been designated and no successor advisors have been named, the fund assets will go to HJCF’s Community Endowment Fund that supports worthwhile institutions and programs in our community every year.

For Professional Advisors

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